Monday, May 24, 2010

A last dinner at our Leif´s new house. Once again, he proved his excellent cooking skills and immagination. It was great to be spoilt like that for a couple of days...
A last cigar shared together...
We were the only priviledged ones to drink wine, since Leif would drive us to the station.
We have had a lovely 3 day stay in Osby and gave Leif some ideas about Buenos Aires. Hope that his enthusiasm for a cruise trip from Europe to Buenos Aires will survive the coming winter and flourish next year. Equipped with tunnbrodsrollen bought for our trip by Leif and my favourite blabär soppan, we left Leif's WHITE HOUSE.
We said good bye on a warm spring evening, with a full moon up above Osby station. A long exciting route to the north in front of us!

Leif, having arranged a proper sunny day for an excursion, took adventage of our visit to explore his new surroundings. He only moved in mid of December last year and was too busy renovating the house to do any sightseeing. And the nature around is worth it!
We had a lovely drive around the Osby lake. Got off for a walk by the camping site. Even in early spring, the Swedish are already active in their camping cars ( husvagn)

Victor assumed his favourite siesta position.

I was fascinated by the stengärdesgard-stone walls, so tipical for Småland and northern Skåne. Great to drive through the country roads with many of the permanent and summer cottages.

By the river ending in the Osbysjön ( Osby lake). The sun kept on with occasional switch offs...

Victor and Leif enjoying the Swedish nature.

OSBY, SKÅNE, at Leif's new house

Leif' s life changed dramatically since his last visit in Buenos Aires.
Some things changed as planned-others- as life itself wanted and carried him away.

He sold his house in Malmö as well as an apartment he inherited from his mother who passed away while he was in BsAs, he divorced, he left his job, he found a new love and half a year ago he bought a new house in the northern Skåne, Scania, in the lake district. After 3 years of not having seen him, it was a high time to check how life's been treating him. And get to know his new residence.
Leif did everything to make us come. The same on our side. We made our itinerary and put Osby ON the WAY . Almost any place in Sweden is on the way from Malmö till Luleå.... But any excuse is good to meet up.

The house overpassed all our expectations. A hundred year old 2 storey house with an orchard, a garden and an inner patio is a a total beauty made and restaured with a great care of detail in what we recognized as ' Leif' s style': white walls and wooden floors painted white, white rustic furniture and a white tile stove with delicate blue ornaments give the place the ambience of peace and harmony.... a country residence to meditate and create ( paint, write etc) We were the first visitor' s at Leif' s house.

...and to receive visitors! Especially on juicy spring days with a gentle sun perfect for an exposure in the garden. I immediately went out with an Lindgren's book Pippi Långstrumpf. The reading did not even start, as we had to much to talk about with Leif, who joined me on another deck chair.

Even though it was a sunny spring day, end of May, Leif put the fire in the tile stove to make an idyllic relaxing evening. Max Rabe as a background music complemented the whole scene. Victor assumed his favourite position that all of us know so well ( on the grass, on the floor, on the snow etc). Later on a new CD of Leonard Cohen matched the glowing fireplace. Leif burnt this seletion of Cds for me to inmortalized the shared moments in Osby ( Max Rabe, ich & ich, Leonard Cohen and some Swedish music new for me)

Leif kept spoiling us from the very moment we arrived. After having negociated the dinner time for 8 pm ( a compromise between the Swedish ridiculous 5-6 pm and a normal Argentinean 10 pm), Leif showed ONCE AGAIN his culinary skills. This time it was getostgratinerad kyckling, which more or less can be translated as an baked dish of pieces of chicken with vegetables and mushrooms with a goat cheese in a special spicy sauce with ginger. Californian red wine to accompany with.

Our mention of a tunnbröd was inmediately fullfiled by Leif buying a whole packet.It could easily disapear just as aperitive.

When we arrived we were shown two bedrooms to chose from. We chose the main guest bedroom on the first floor. What siestas were to be had here!As the first gusts- we were the first to sleep in a new bed and with a completely new set of sheets.

We loved the spacious sitting /dining room immediately. Leif has always had a very good taste for interior design.

During the first evening-night we had to catch up with this long 3 year period we have only connected by mails. Thanks God Leif kept his Spanish going.

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