Thursday, May 20, 2010


Lorena and Sami live in Nybro, Småland - east coast of Sweden.
They are, however, not a tipical Swedish couple. He is Finish, tall, well built, blond with blue eyes, a box champion in heavy weight; she is Argentinean, small and dark, with recently gained doctor degree in chemistry. They make a contrast tampting to make a film ' When Sami met Lori'. Physical strength versus brain.
By the way-they have a very romantic story of meeting- on a boat to Finish Fjords!

They are, nevertheless, perfectly complimentary. And they dance tango! We met them as our tango students during our first workshops in Kalmar and very quickely they became more than just students. On their regular ( almost annual ) visits to Buenos Aires, they always visit us and take tango classes. A good excuse to have a glass of wine, or dinner together.
Nybro is one of the youngest towns in Sweden, Sami said. The region is famous for glass blowing industry, as the monument-fountain of glass baloons ( bulbs?) indicates. The photo is NOT exposing Victor emptying his bladder, but only contemplating the sculpture....

As we had a pleasure to be guests in a Finish house, it was duly equipped with sauna. We took aventage of this ritual to relax, clean our bodies and socialize. It was a real Finish sauna with extreme temperatures ( thanks God we trained in Kiruna already!) . Beer for men only. Sami was pround to have built the sauna himself with a help of his father.
The following day we ventured on a trip to Kalmar, only half an hour by car. The main attraction was not the port or the old town, not even the bridge to Oland or the island itself ( it suddenly got too foggy and my wish just to cross the bridge remained unfullfilled...), but a visit to IKEA. Victor the arquitect is fascinated by the design and PRICES of this Swedish trademark. We need it in Argentina! Even with the Swedish ( very competitive ) prices!

Another important visit was to a boxing club. MY FIRST TIME!
Sami, a boxer and a referee, is also an owner of the boxing club in Nybro, where he trains himself and the others.
Victor prooved inmediately that it was not his first time wearing the boxing gloves.

Victor was very eager to ' hacer guantes' con Sami. I am not sure how this challange would finish, but undoubtedly it would be a fascinating match between the best of Finland and the best of Argentina! Sami recognized that dancing tango helps for boxing!

Finally a big day of GRILLAD LAX came. A sunny spring day, perfectly arranged to be in the garden by a small forest, enjoying the smell of our favourite Swedish dish and the blosoms of the cherry trees.
We had an extra guest for the salmon party- Inger drove all the way from the southest point of Sweden (Smygehuk) to pick us up. 300 km one way but the day, food and company were definitely worth it.
Besides, Sami claimed to be a master of salmon grilling. He proved it and according to Victor it was one of the BEST GRILLED SALMON WE HAVE EVER EATEN!
It only means one thing: we will definitely be back for another visit!

A can of polar beer ( the nicest design of a beer can we have seen!) in hand and the evening was perfect! Even a 10 month old Katja participated in the garden party.

A little note: I might not be a boxing champion ( yet), but I have potential!

The best way to train, according to me, is on one's own newly aquired husband.
Maybe I will be the first boxing tanguera in the world....

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