Monday, May 24, 2010

ONE DAY IN HÖLLVIKENAfter 3 year break we are visiting Höllviken again. Raps fields on the way, a constant temptation to stop a car and smell the colsa flowers.
It s actually not the poshy Höllviken where Öresund meets Baltic sea which attracts us, but the two special people who make part of our Swedish Top 10. We take a day and a night to stay in the ' castle ' of Junot and Diana and see how their love and tango story goes on...

To make a long story short ( you can read extensively in blog ) some 6 year ago, Junot decided to take private tango classes with us in secret, to conquer the heart, and hand, of his beloved Diana, a passionate tango dancer. The story finishes with a happy end and a marriage. For us, the consequence is a constant invitation to visit and stay with them, being treated like kings and bombarded with generous gifts.
We were drived to Höllviken ' castle ' on a sunny sunday afternoon, the 23 of May, with the raps fields in its climax of yellow. Junot claimed that this was an exceptional year for raps, due to the climat conditions and... perhaps, our visit to Skane after 3 years...
After an warm welcome with a botle of champagne and eager exchange of the most important news in our lives, both men sat by the fireplace ( in spite of the lovely sunny spring in Skåne) to ' improve the world' . Discussing politics they found out that they have the same ideas, for instance, about solving the situation in Greece.

The dinner is ready! We were explained the menu and invited to the table.
Vieiras ( pilgrimsmusslor) with white wine
smoked salmon ( warm rokt lax) with sparagus - A MUST! They remember we ar salmon addicts!
young potatos ( nya potatis), they must have payed a fortune for before the midsummer
A bottle of red wine BAROLO
desert- ice cream with a fruit salad including blueberries and other Swedish berries( our favourite)
cafee and cogniac ( indispesable)
The novelty was a golden table cloth that we take as an excellent idea for our house in BsAs. It produced very special reflexes in water glasses. And does not leave wine stains...
In cristalery area, the Austrian Riesel wine glasses are worth mentioning. Finally, we opened a BAROLO bottle ceremoniously. Junot has always a special bottle when we come to visit. His favourite sayig is, that he has to be love himself to be generous to others
. He practises self love with a lot of enthusiasm..

Junot's excentricity and very special way to act make every dinner at his place a kind of Almodovar film. Or maybe a Fellini. Diana makes a very smart conversation counterpart to him. Not only a pretty face. We should state that both of them look as young as when we met them. Young in spirit for sure.

The vieiras were excellent ( memories of Camino de Santiago invaded me), salmon was a dream ( we have not had salmon since Kiruna visit), not to mention the sparagus and WINE! We skalade for our newly contracted marriage, honemoon, travel across Sweden, Ice Hotel and meeting up with Junot and Diana after 3 year. We made a solemn promise not to let so many years pass by till we meet again.

We had a long evening to tell our our stories and listen to their life changes. Happy to hear that Junot sold most of his businesses ( will he manage to be free and workless for long?) and that he is eager to brush up his Argentinean tango now! To our surprise, he mentioned it a couple of times during the dinner. Maybe they will finally continue the tango story which made their love flourish? Diana, who participated in our weekend workshops ( tango, milonga and vals) , kept her tango level intact, as Victor stated with surprise. What a talent! And what a waste, not to dance for so long and not to develop it!

The fun was had, the wine bottles emptied and the gap of time and distance filled up.

We moved, as usually, to the comfortable armchairs by the swimming pool, for coffe, chocolates and cogniac. What a life! We are being totally spoiled! It is so nice to relax and have social life after an intensive tango weekend. It's great to have ' castles' like in Höllviken all over the world,that others mantain and keep ready for our visits. We call Junot our Swedish residence' s MAYOR DOMO. He really knows how to serve us to our satistation.
I managed to keep my newly learnt Swedish as a surprise for both. Both me and Junot are surprise experts. Now, as he says, he has to be careful about what he says in my presence.

Junot says they made a house extra beautiful for our visit.

I like recognizing the places where we have so many good memories-like our tango dance floor with a grand piano. Like the Cabelleria Rusticana played by Junot in the morning ( 10 am) as a wake up and breakfast call for us...

The last photo we took together before leaving the house. Junot was to drive us to Malmö train station. In his dark Jaguar, of course, a witness of so many trips between Malmö and Höllviken 6 years ago.

Small change of plans. Junot decided to show us his new toy. An interior design shop just opened. As we were just about to miss our train to Osby, Junot called Leif to inform him that we would take the next train. This is a way he arranges his and other people ' s lives. Action and inmediate decisions. Why not?
Especially, when he says afterwards: CHOOSE YOUR WEDDING PRESENT!

... and we did. What a hard life! After a long discussion between me and Victor we did choose. Junot is going to send us the weddig gif to Buenos Aires. It will wait for us as a welcome back home present.
Anyway, we are going to be back in Hollviken, for at least a couple of days, as Diana & Junot made us promise. IF Nybro is on the way from Göteborg to Malmö, then Höllviken is ALWAYS on the way....Diana laughed.

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