Monday, May 03, 2010


Welcome to the home town of Abba, a big poster in the Stockholm´s airport.


Another big poster announced the number of days left for the crown Princess´wedding.
But for me the most important person at that day was SVEN. From our tango relationship we developed a friendship, which made Sven arrange the visit at his son´s exactly fitting our flight through Stockholm. As we arrived at 10 am and were to take a night train at 9 pm, meaning a whole day in Stockholm- Sven came to pick us up from the airport and spent a whole day with us. What a friend!
The first thing he did after picking us up with all the big luggage ( for the Lappish winter!), was go stop at supermarket´s and buy our favourite Swedish breakfast ingredients: mjuk tunnbröd, mjölkfil, actually blåbärfil, prästost, kaviar.

He drove us to a nice holiday resort by the sea, called Svinninge and it was actually where his son´s place was and where we had our FIRST SWEDISH BREAKFAST 2010! GRANDE SVEN!
Finally our beloved tunnbröd med smör och ost. AND... rävgift, which is this SWEDISH COFFE as strong as to kill a fox! WELCOME TO SWEDEN, A&V!

Excited by my fresh Swedish, I read everything I found on my way. Even the milk story on the package.
We went for a walk to the sea. It was a chilly, but sunny spring day. Quite a termic chock after the swiss premature summer week we had a chance to have.

The ground was full of spring flowers.

We went for a walk to the seaside, the bay called Trälhavet.

It was only last year since we saw Sven last ( our visit in Sollefteå and our drive together to Piteå, still accompanied by Vile, the dog...) but we had a lot of news to exchange, a lot to talk about, in English and in Swedish. Sven is an excellent teacher and a linguist. He speaks very sophisticated English with a great care of vocabulary, and his Swedish is full of colourfull expressions. I learnt inmediately ´man ser inte skogen för bara träd´.

My favourite spring flowers are vitsippor, a childhood memory.

I saw the first fresh leaves, just about to open. The Swedish, longig for the spring after a long winter, have a special word for this stage of the leaves: musöron ( av björklöven), which can be translated as mouse ears....

Swedish fladrande flagan were everywhere to be seen.

Victor felt so relaxed that he assumed his favourite horizontal position. Communication with Mother Earth, as he use to say. On the fresh spring Swedish grass.

But something else drew Victor´s attention:

Northern Swedish woodpecker ( hackspett) must be monsters or very hard workers to be able to make such a hole in the tree, according to the arquitect. Sven´s son must cut the tree endangering the house!

Sven took us for a magnificent ride round the Stockholms archipielago ( skärgård).

And finally a ride and walk in STOCKHOLM.
The time flew so rapidly and 8 pm indicated the last destination : Stockholm´s train station. NEXT STOP: Älvsbyn and Elisabeth waiting for us.

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