Friday, May 21, 2010


Så skimrande var aldrig havet
och stranden aldrig så befriande
fälten,ängrarna och träden aldrig så vackra....

Inger was quating Evert Taube´s poem when we were driving along the seacoast Ystad-Trelleborg. The famous Swedish poet and trovador used to drive the same road, when working in Ystad, and moved by the beauty of the shimmering, calm sea, wrote this love poem about the context of a first kiss.

We have reached our Skåne´s home, in the most southern part of Sweden-Smygehuk! What an emotion! Within a week we transferred from Sweden´s northermost town, Kiruna, to the extreme south! ´Our little house on the prerie´, as we call it, is actually situated in Beddingestrand. Strand-meaning the beach- it is our walking and jogging paradise by the Baltic sea ( the least salted sea in the world, as Victor repeats). And marked by so many precious memories: dancing tango in Smygehus , celebrating one of my birthdays by Ale Stenar,barbecues with our tango students in the charming houses on the coast...
The little house on the prerie ( white house) is our oldest residence in Sweden, where we keep coming back for the last 7 years!

But meanwhile we had to cover the distance between Nybro, Småland, and Beddingestrand, Skåne. Our super agent Inger decided take the matter into her hands and not trusting Swedish trains (????!) drove all the way to Nybro ( over 300 km) to pick us up. Grilled salmon made by Sami was a reward and after a good night sleep we packed our suitcases, said good bye to Sami and Lorena and drove through the sunny Småland to Skåne.
Inger, who took some days off from the work, wanted to show us some beauty spots of the Swedish landscape and our first stop was to see the Skåne´s largest waterfall ( of course it was nothing comparing to Storforsen in Norrland where we danced tango last year), but it was the best of the spring days and even the walk in the forest ( totally protected) in the canyon made by the river- was a pure pleasure.

All three of us in Forsakar waterfall, Skåne.

We kept on driving through the blissful May day in south of Sweden. Plenty of yellow flowers everywhere. And raps fields ( colsa) were waiting for us in their golden shimmering making a perfect patchwork with green fields and blue skies.

I had to contain myslef not to tell Inger to stop the car eveytime i had see the landscape worth a picture. Sunny spring day in Skåne is a delight!

And the late afternoon, after some coffe and sweets break ( Inger is Swedish, you know- her stomach needs to be recharged constantly with fuel, especially while driving), we arrived to our good old Beddingestrand! Vi är tillbaka, vi är hemma!
Now, a short siesta, dinner and off we go for a milonga with our demo in Sofielund Folkshus in Malmö!

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