Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ICEHOTEL-gracefully melting

THIS YEAR ANOTHER OF MY DREAMS CAME TRUE. THE DREAM IS CALLED ICE HOTEL. It came true thanks to tango. There am I, asking Victor to pinch me to know I am not dreaming. Since everything is so fabulous that even pinching is not helping to get me out of this dream state. This little dream of mine started when I was reading Hans Christian Andersen-s story of a little girl called Gerda, who goes to find her pay companion Kaj, whom Queen of Snow kidnapped to her Ice Castle. I have always wanted to find myself in this Ice Castle.
Now, a few facts about it:
A hotel is built of ice and snow. It is the first and the largest in the world ( constructed in the 1980's) in
Jukkasjärvi. The river Torne that flows outside the hotel, the cold arctic climate, the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun made it an ideal, magic setting, like from the fairy tales of Andersen's.

Each year, the hotel visitors from all over the world come to a little village in Lapland, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.
To create Ice Hotel, up to 45,000 tons of snow and 430 tons of ice are heaved, pushed and shaped over a five-week period to build a structure with ceilings as high as 18 feet. Ice hotel melts down and is rebuilt each year.It is a totally ephemeral art project.
In April, as the weather begins to warm, and the natural melting speeds up.Even the beds and chairs are made from ice, so every thing must go.
Besides the bedrooms the hotels also contains an ice chapel, ice gallery and ice bar where drinks are served in glasses made of ice. In addition to using ice glasses as in the Kiruna ice hotel, the bar (and room service) also serves cold cuts on ice plates. If you're not sure you want to stay the night, you can still experience the Ice Hotel through a public tour.

It was the 10th of May. Our first time in front of the back doors of the hotel. The front doors were already destroyed. The process of melting has began...

The main hall of the hotel. NO FOTO will give it its justice. IN IS TRUELY THE ICE CASTLE OF THE QUEEN OF SNOW.

We cannot help gazing around astonished and in awe, touching and embracing the ice columns. Victor, the arquitect for different reasons than me...
The corridors to the hotel rooms were already distorted. We could, however, enter to the suites.

In front of the amazing ice particion wall.
One of the suites arranged as an enormous eagle nest- the bed around witch the ice branches and enormous ice eggs were lying and above, visible eagles legs.

Having a rest on ice beds covered with reindeer skins.

A small ice decoration detail- a snowflake...

An ice dinosaur decorating one of the suits..

An absolute bar with ice glasses for absolute vodka...

Drinking vodka...

Melting hotel.... a detail of the uncovered roof. We were probably the last visitors allowed in, on our good bye visit on the 13th of MAY!

So we said goodby and SEE YOU NEXT YEAR, ICE CASTLE... It was difficult just to walk away.

Special outfit for the hotel.

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