Sunday, May 16, 2010


for the first time in our ( tango) lives. I love the FIRST TIMES. Så, första gången i Göteborg.
The big deal is that our 3,5 day stay in Göteborg was pure tango and social life with our students and organisers. WE HAVE NOT SEEN THE CITY at all. It's our FIRST TIME that we have been to the place without visiting it, really... We have to come back! Now we have reasonable reasons for it.
Thus, the only tangible trance from Göteborg are the photos of the workshops and milongas. We seldom talk and show our " tango work " in this blog. THIS WILL BE OUR FIRST TIME...

In Göteborg we repeated the ritual of coffe and cakes ( FIKA) and lunch breaks between the classes of the workshops. Yes, we were eating like 5- 6 times a day! In Sweden do as Swedish does!
This time our students were actually cooking and eating lunch with us. First day: lunch with our organisers- Mo and Yiwen, visitors from Stockhom, our Malin and Yenny, whom we had at home, in Buenos Aires some months ago, and Per from Hamburgsund.

Most of the pics I took, was of Victor and our students in action.

Basia was of Polish origin and very eager to learn more.

Jan, is our Malin´s brother in law. In spite of his considerable height, he was very good and with a surprising musicality.

Malin took adventage to improve her leader´s skills in tango. She was probably the best ´man ´in the group....

We make our students constantly change couples. They are not allowed to stick to their husbands/wives/ dance partners.

The intermediate group after the workshops. Exhausted, but happy.

With our visitors from Stockholm: Malin & Jenny during one of the coffee breaks.

...back to work. We were very challanging to Pete and Gerd.

Both were good dancers and we wanted to push them for more.

Mohamad versus Victor. It's good to have some hot blood. Latin or Iranean.

Lunch on Sunday: it was a miracle of multiplication. Many more students decided to stay and share lunch with us. Chicken legs, rice and salad were enough to fill all hungry stomachs.

.... back to tango work. Chinese and Iranean dancing tango in Sweden, tought by an Argentiean visiting maestro. What about this sign of globalisation?

Swedish men need to be trained separately to become more macho. Victor takes care of showing them the way.

There are always latin ingredients in tango community everywhere. Osvaldo, from Motenvideo, Uruguay ( over 30 years in Sweden), is also a tango DJ.

Per ´s answer to my Sunday morning ´Como estas?´ was
´quite dried´. I offered him mate I was drinking.
´I don´t drink alcohol during the day´, he answered.
`It´s not alcohol, I said, It´s mate!´.
´I do not take drugs!´he replied. Well, he was FORCED TO....

After the last day´s workshop, waiting for a start of a milonga. Classical music concert by Yiwen, was a soothing rest...

Soon, other dancers assumed Victor´s favourite position. Horizontal, that is. Anything wrong with the legs after 2 days full of dancing?

Two things are worth mentioning about this second lovely milonga in Göteborg. First one is a tanda of chacarera on my request, which convoked quite a crowd, even those who barely wanted to imitate or could not bear sitting.

Another- was a presence of Mariana and Pepe, whom we know for years ( Victor maybe over 10 years) from Buenos Aires milongas. They inriched the latin component in the milongas; it´s always good to have some familiar souls to share mate and speak lunfardo & Arg slang to. Besides, they were our welcome to Göteborg surprise, as Mo invited them and Osvaldo for the first dinner. Spanish took over in our welcome dinner; now and then we remembered that Mo and Yiwen needed to be included. Bad Argentinean habbits...when they are majority.

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