Monday, September 22, 2008


Voila, different faces of our
AN ARTIST IN ALL HE DOES. A painter, and "pinton" as we would say in Argentina.
A "parillero" swiss. A Polish drinker. MIND YOU: NOT DRUNKARD. FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT DIFFERENCIATE, THE SAYING GOES- BOIRE COMME UN POLONAIS, ( it means drinking capacity without getting drunk). Obsessive tanguero. A tango class at midnight is just all right for him. Tango by the glaciar? Why not. In the kitchen? Yes. On the street? Everywhere! Hes makes the best JAJECZNICA IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY, by Victor's evaluation. Very talented photographer. I became his fan when discovered his tango and nude photos. ( visit in flicr, tangopiotr) Like this one, of a our tango student M.
Liking the photographer and his model makes me appreciate this photo TOTALLY!And those legs in tango...
I imagine one day Piotr will ask me to be his model for those inspiring pictures... One day, if he will...Shall I carry on with Piotr' s virtues? A great guide to show us around. Thanks to him we stood face to face with Mont Blanc, we climbed up for the encaunter with glacier Moiry, we admired Emosson and Moiry dams,went to the Trient Canyon and descover the secret military tunnels in the swiss mountains.Thanks to him we know there are "fighting cows" in the Alps and annual "corridas"are held to see the battle between two cows . The winner will be a Queen. Besides, he must have green hands for the plants, as he has the stunning kiwi roof on his terrace. As one could guess, he is an author of his own house (reconstructed stables) AND HE IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO LET HIS WIFE GO ALONE TO BUENOS AIRES FOR 5 MONTHS!!!!!!! IS nT HE A WANDERFUL MAN?????!


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