Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Voila, Julio & Graciela ( already presented in my previous blog chapter"La Suisse, Lausanne-Valais"). Lausanne, chez Julio, is our home number 1 in Switzerland. And this year is also the LAST STOP BEFORE GOING BACK HOME!

Interminable chats ( IN ARGENTINEAN SPANISH, mind you, very important after all those languages we have to deal with on a long run, esp. for Victor), over dinners starting in ARGENTINEAN TIME: about 10 p.m. Happy to have our last raclette with them. Julio is responsible for College Champittet in Pully. Which makes us feel like in a film scenery ( glorious buildings from the beginning of the XX century). Especially now, when autumn began...The chestnuts remind us the time passing by... When we came over to Europe it was a lovely spring and all the chesthut trees were in bloom. Now, we walk on the dead lives and the shiny chestnuts under our feet... Time to go home!Julio & Graciela live in a tipical alpine house ( they call them "chalets" in Switzerland) in the College territory on the Pully hills)From this base we make excursions to explore the Cantone Vaud.

We have aur annual ( TRADITION, TRADITION!) lunch chez Eric. Yes, he is a romantic tanguero, installing a double place hammock on his terrace... How enjoyable in the autumn sun...
To complement with gastronomical surprises of Switzerland we had... horse meat for lunch! It's not the first time that we are having it, Piotr prepared horse meat as well, in order to introduce us, as he said, to some other kinds of meat than cow meat we usually eat in Argentina. The other day we had rabbit and even... austrich!

Our Monday excursion with Julio & Graciela was to Jura( I wanted my terraces of Laveaux, as every year treat, but Victor sad, rationally, that I just cannot repeat the same thing over and over again... Well. I CAN.)Jura is the oldest mountain range in Switzerland.As the name itself suggests- JURASIC. It's very law comparing to the imposing Alps. We made a loop around the lake and on the way back descovered Denens,the village of the scarecrows. In front of nearly every house there was one. Original one!

Funny one!Or looking like a tanguero dancing with a lamp post!THURSDAY, our last entire day in Switzerland, to fulfill my last WISH, Julio took us to the terraces de Laveaux. The last look at the apeasing landscape of vinyards and the roman terraces on the slopes of the mountains with the lake Leman below.For the ignorant ones,and for the enlightment of those who know something, here is a short note about its history.Not as sunny a day as the previous years, when, as I remember ( and this very blog proves) I was wearing white, and both of us sleevless. BEAUTY is a beauty ANYTIME, in any wheather though..TOMORROW, coinciding with our flight to Madrid , is the date of the beginning of the grape harvest: LA VENDANGE! "Vendange sera terrible" paraphrases Julio our beloved Alejandro Dolina ( "La venganza sera terrible"). On our way back we go to Coop or other supermarket to buy more beer. Victor & Julio decided it has to be a truy "juliesque adieux" de Suiza. On a rondpoint, ( "the suiss are in love with rondpoints"-repeats Julio) he swears heartily in genuine Argentinean style seeing somebody turning sharply in front of him without any indication. "Something of argentinity is left in you, thanks God- Victor says. - There is still hope..."
Graciela explains that Julio WOULD NOT PASS THE so called "sensitivity test" for the driving licence, obligatory one, where one learns NOT TO INSULT ANYBODY WHILE BEHIND THE WHEEL...OR YOU GET FINED!It's fun with Julio & Graciela. Great to share the same aesthetical taste as well. Isnt this froggy demi-plie great to announce a dance festival?....

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