Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Swansea Tango Salon
now has Tango godparents from BsAs.
They came, they conquered, and

This is how their programme was introduced:

Aisha and Victor are wonderful performance artists who are also culturally diverse and have world-wide experience of Argentine Tango. Their dancing style, ideas and teaching are in harmony with Swansea Tango Salon. They have a profound understanding of the body, and will concentrate on showing us how AT can be danced at the level of any individual's ability. Do not be deceived by their Performance image; they understand the importance of the techniques needed for social ('Salon') dancing very well.
Once you have mastered some of the basic techniques necessary for dancing AT, you will appreciate performance tango the more, and see that the same principles apply at whatever level of ability and agility it is danced. This is one of the reasons why AT is so special.
But even if you do not have any experience of dancing AT yourself, you will still enjoy Aisha and Victor's dancing, talking and company. They are usually described as 'charismatic' (I think they are a lot more than that; you will be able to make up your own mind), and to top it all, they speak English.
We are very lucky to have them coming to Wales, and I hope to see many of our dancers also at the meeting of the Swansea Latin American Association.

Here are some of the pictures and a quote from Aisha's email. More to come and lots to say but I now have to get ready for Holland / Berlin so please bear with me - to be continued after 21st Sept

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 4:30 PM

Lousanne has received us with 25 degrees and sun, it's SUMMER AGAIN..
however we took so much warmth, kindness and joy from Wales that we
could go to the northern pole now...

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