Friday, May 18, 2007


If Swedish tell you that ' it's not always raining in Sweden' , it's only a euphemism. EVEN IF IT'S NOT RAINING it's blowing your head off! But, we have to admit, this gloomy tempest weather has its charm and we let it seduce us... as they say' there is no bad weather, there is only inapropriate cloth' , we wore the Swedish suitable cloths and went for a walk around a little island of Ön,( SIC! That's it, the name of the island is ' Ön'!) The island is 3 km long and from our students' house, where we were invited to spend a night after a special milonga, we could see the impressive view of the bridge to Copenhagen, which, slowly, as inspired by GOLDEN GATE, was desappearing in the fog, in front of our eys... YES; BREATHTAKING, but lets get IN for a cup of hot coffe, and, yes, Bill, would you have some of this excellent cogniac to add to it?

BUT, IT HAPPENS that the sun appears! And, what a bliss to be out there, in meticuously spruced up garden, patios, verandas! And garden of Lucia is a flower paradise. Anyway, each Swede' s pride is to work so long in his garden till it resembles VERSAILLE! And, of course, they come out with the first sunrays in MAY! You cannot count on Swedish in May- they are ALL VERY BUSY IN THEIR GARDENS NO MATTER HOW SMALL THOSE ARE!

And we do admire those Swedish gardens- they are the mirror of swedish mentality indeed!

And Lucia... Well Lucia will never be enough Swedish and she will never return to be Argentinean again. SHE IS A LOVELY MIX between the nordic and latin qualities. AND THAT's WHY WE LIKE HER!

We had some other lovely invitations. Even in artist's apartments, like the one above.. with artistic " salad bar" including cheeses, hams and all the good italian stuff. HELSINGBORG!

Victor is and always WILL BE AN ARQUITECT! Especially in Europe, with the magnificent pieces of arquitecture he has studied and admired for ages! Then Victor-dancer becomes Victor arquitect and.. Victor small boy!

Victor the arquitect becomes Victor the GRAN TAMER OF THE DINOSAURS! Intrepid and courageous, he even tried to ride on one of those beast' s tales...
If he can lead any lady of the world in tango, dinosaurs are just a funny game...