Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mission completed, pleasure had, wild north conquered!
Now we are going to experience how far we got by travelling back, onland, during 24 hours to reach our Skåne!

Yesterday a farewell present: moose shit was offered to us in a jar! ( SIC!) I would not belive it had I not listed about it for many times: tourists actually buy it in souvenirs shops: we got it as a present: the very best,genuine, taken from the woods, just behind our tango students' house: THANK YOU GUN & UNO! You dared to give us this special present! We will TAKE THE SHIT!

We got another one at Farewell -See You Soon Party: wooden moose masseuse ( back-scratcher) and wooder junipher butter knifes. Not to mention the WHOLE PACKAGE OF TUNNBRÖD, some as TUNNBRÖDRULLE (Surströmmingsrulle I had before, thank you very much!)we are carrying for our journey just as a little schnaps bottle and original home made Christmas liquor- Sven is such a good provider!Moose meat as a welcome back party ( nevertheless we had reindeer-wraps and moose meat with a delicious sause already) I shall not forget a CD of 100 Schnapslieder- a very best gift from Sven!

And THE BEST WAS FOR THE FINAL DAY: yesterday, coming back from tango practica in town, our student Uno overpassed our car and made us stop, turn back and get off the car: A GLORIOUS MOOSE WAS THERE STANDING AND STARING AT US- my heart started to beat quickly. HE WAS STANDING THERE, FROZEN FOR A GOOD WILE AND THEN started to climb up the forest slope.... FAREWELL NORLAND!

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