Saturday, June 12, 2010


A hot, humid sticky night welcomed us in Prague on Thursday evening. Achim came with his BMW to pick us up and announce that we are to go to our new residence ( Bella Vista apartment by the river Vltava, near Dancing House) have a quick shower, dress up and go for the party. It was the 20th anniversary of his law office. The setting for this celebration was an absolute attraction: Hracany castle with a splendid view on Prague by night!
I am an expert in quick shower ( blitz quick ones, that nobody would suspect a woman to be able to), quick dressing up and quick make up. Up we drove to the castle.
It was a night like in Buenos Aires in the summer. We were presented to the international crowd of participants, bosses and Vips , food & drinks. Chiled white wine or mojitos were perfect! Victor prefered to check the teste of staropramen beer- finally we arrived to Czech Republic!
Chatting, dancing, eating and visiting the castle made time fly more quicky that usual. We could allow ourselves to forget the tiredness of the journey, but it is definitely not normal for the Czech to sitt around till 2 pm on a normal Thursda...
As everybody had alcohol in the blood and thus left a car by the entrance of the castle, we were left with two options of getting to our River View apartment. WE chose the SECOND ONE, THE ROMANTIC ONE!
Walking down Hracany hill and crossing Charles Bridge barefeet ( had only high heel tango shoes on) on a warm summer night was a bliss. For me with a taste of Erlich Maria Remarque. Only calvados was missing, but it will be evened up with slivovice.
It was the ONLY TIME WE COULD SEE ENTIRE CHARLES BRIDGE IN ITS OWN BEAUTY, without accompanying touris crowds!
Our glorious River View residence entrance.
It was our second time being put up here, so it felt like home.
The only day like walk we ventured on, was after breakfast next day. Our usual venue for breakfast is a quite inner yard cafee ( internet caffe) by Vatslav plaza. Then- Staromeske Namesti is only a stone ' s throw. IT WAS PACKED with people! As we arrived 10 min before the Mundial, Victor took adventage to watch it on a huge screen installed in the market square. The sun was latin this day...
The very evening was a day of our performance at TEATRINO. Our first time. VERY IMPRESSED by the royal interior and perfect floor. Will the Czech even learn to appreciate what they have available for tango? For us it was a PURE PLEASURE to dance there. And of course, a reason to meet our students. Our 8th time in Prague means having a whole TANGO FAMILY there...
A nice surpice was a visit of our Italian students ( whom we met in Buenos Aires and had a whole week tango intensity). They invited us to their castle in Mala Skala, some 100 km from Prague.
After the milonga we moved to ' our ' Horomezice residence. Life on the outskirst of Prague is very different. SPACE and TIME to relax. There are different ways to relax- one can lay down and sunbathe or swim, but Victor prefer to be useful for our host. He stated that the grass was much too overgrown and immediately took action to mown the lawn....
Then we had to quickely pack for the next point in the programme our organizers proposed to us. As we LOVED THE RIVER RAFTING in Cesky Krumlove 2 years ago, this time Achim & Jana decided to take us for camping and kayaking in Sazava river! WHAT A LIFE!

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