Saturday, June 19, 2010

BRUXELLES, tango, countryside and social life!

A journey through the dance where Aisha & Victor will demonstrate and explain how the tangos changed and progressed during the century.
All flavored by the ´proteño ´sense of humor and genuine tango attitude.
In the uncertain origins of tango, men danced together, or with prostitutes. This was a regular, measured dance, almost a rhythmic form of walking. The musical evolution and popularity of tango introduced the 'cruces', the asymmetric steps, and the idea of choreography led by the male dancer.
The new esthetics integrated the European waltz and the milonga of African origin.
Then finally the tango nourished on elements of other dances, like the classical dance. The body attitude was changed and the dance modernized the, in a process that has not ended and probably never will.

Yirando se van los días
por las ciudades de Europa,
tango a tango, copa a copa,
Praga, Bruselas, Sofía;
la gringa de la alegría
y el bailarín liceísta
le sacan lustre la pista,
con esmerado donaire,
de Varsovia a Buenos Aires,
¡vivan los artistas!

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