Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PRAGA and around-attractions for the artists!

Sunday was a blissful summer day. Our tango organisers in Prague plus 16 followers, took us to Sazava river for kayaking/rafting!
German organisation was a necessary requirement of camping and navigation together!
Victor called the camping by Sazava river ' a refugee camp' ... no wonder- it was the first sunny warm weekend in Czech Republic this year!
On Monday our faithful Pepa and Bianca took us to the zoo! I WOULD NEVER come up with the idea, but we both enjoy it like kids. 4 hours in one of the best zoos in the world was nothing!
After the zoo- well deserved black beer during traditional, annual visit at Pepa s house at Troya Hill. DO NOT CALL HIM ' Fool on the hill ' , he s none...
The day finished with a dinner invitation by Jana and Achim in a restaurace called ' the shot goose', where I enjoyed ' kralic so smetanoj a knedlickiì - rabbit in a creamy sauce and knedliki.
Victor s tropheum was this tiny glass of beer..... We are in CZECH AFTER ALL!
Tuesday was our last day in Prague. KARLUV MOST or STAROMESKE NAMESTI was a horror of tourists and guided tours. We know it too well to squeeze it. We like less known parts of town. Some reflection about the past on this sunny June day...
Monument of the victims of communism; not only those who were killed or executed, but also those whose lives were totally devastated by the totalitariam regime....
A joyfull view from the bridge by Narodni Divadlo, for a contrast... Life goes on!
The last afternoon- a Polo experience, 60 km from Prague. Achim' s first polo lesson was our opportunity to drink mate with Argentinean professionals.
.... and watch our tango student progress in polo...
By the way- we got invited for polo match followed by asado in BsAs!
Got friendly with polo huskies...
Jana chose a perfect place for our farewell dinner: BELLAVISTA. Prague at our feet....
I had a tipical potato soup served in carved bread and starocesky goulash with knedliki.
Hot whisky instead of grog. Wine. Perliva voda (sparkling water)
Good bye is actually see you soon. Achim and Jana are coming for tango and polo to BsAs in February!

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