Monday, June 09, 2008


IT WAS A TRIUMPHAL ENTRANCE TO PRAGA-DIRECTLY TO ARIA HOTEL. Where can an artist feel better? A musical hotel is to inspire us this time in Prague. ARIA. Not only 5stars, but CHARM...

Our room is on a jazz floor and the NEW ORLEANS artists are the phantoms of our room.

Can you guess with what kind of key we open our doors?

After a long journey, we just put ' no disturb' sign on our door and had a ROYAL SIESTA till breakfast time ..

The first meeting with our organisation guardian angel took place in a stylish CAFE LOUVRE. All the celebrations here are done with the best of Czek BEERS! Victor is happy.
We have to cross the Charles Bridge ( Karluv Most), our old good friend, to go to our tango seminar place every day. It s our fifth time in Prague-thanks to tango, and we fell at home here. So, we complain about the crowds of tourists. We are none!

The weather we brought with us is excellent. It s perfect for the gala night - Saturday' s GREBOVKA, the best , most beautiful and unique milonga in Europe!

Our old students are our friends-here comes Pepa, never empty-handed to greet us, this time he brings us cherries from his garden and lots of stories to tell!

Every day s ceremony is a breakfast in our luxurious home in Prague. We love the hotel also BECAUSE THERE IS NO BREAKFAST TIME LIMIT! As artists, we are not used to getting up at 8 or 9 to have breakfast. 11 am is just fine, but in OUR HOTEL we can just as well come at 11 30 and nobody' s cleaning around! Victor is happy to continue his iaitshnitsha trip, which has started in Poland. SCRAMBLED EGGS, that is!

Victor-the arquitect loves also the aesthetical aspect of our breakfast room-the compula. It would not work in Buenos Aires kind of climat!

we will catch up with the stories and fotos, life is too intense,
so we keep taking big bites of it!

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