Sunday, June 22, 2008

BRIEG again- another side of Poland

Again Brzeg! And here is our first residence, Castle of Principality. For sentimental reasons we have visited our familiar, romantic place where we lived and danced.
Now, it is not such a glorious strike back, but we are put up in a decadent 1920th villa with an enchanted garden.

But, in spite ofa VERY hot summer, we always have some rain for refreshment. Dancing in the rain in Brzeg became a classic.

Tango workshops , all the classes and one of the milongas were held in an enchanting building- former grand piano factory. The red brick house with enormous bow windows ,wooden floor, decorated with taste was SO INSPIRING FOR TANGO and friendly meeting around tea and wine with our friends from Brzeg. Here are more fotos: http://http//

We thought it would be a nice, cosy week of seminars in a familiar circle of our tango students, with time to visit places around and socialize. But it turned out to be an intensive programme of group and private classes, milongas, interviews, photo sessions and performances with argentinean musicians as a part of Street Theatre Festival, as well as excursions to visit emblematical places in the regions. On the top-nvitations for dinners, coffe and cakes. All that unresistible and equaly important. And all with the timing fixed. ' What is a programme for tomorrow? " Victor asked while dining. " Do I have to wake up early?"- a crucial question. I cannot believe we have this kind of schedule in a small, dormant town during the summer holiday season!
First of all, the town is beautiful. It takes pride in its castle, post german arquitecture and a market square ( we have danced there too!)

Apart from ' work' we had a nice excursion organized for us, this time not to the mountains. First we visited Arbortum in Wojwice. Andrzej & Ewa showed us their favourite redwood. This sequoia is very young, only some 100 years old!Aisha felt like an animal playing around in the woods. What kind of animal though?Then we visited an acient slavic settlement. And finally a magic mountain called SLEZA, known for the gathering of the witches. It was a day after a very special night, the shortest night in a year, St John's night. With just one witch around ( it was a daylight still) we executed some magic to make our lives better. Coffe and cakes at the foot of the mountains, in Sobotka.
We rushed back to the castle not to missed our tangos. This time we were to dance in our inspiring courtyard, to the live music of our argentinean friends.

But what a pleasure to have a rest in our own garden!Idyllic life in Brzeg!

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