Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dancer's measure of time passing by dancing are the shoes. I have a special attachment to them. The more worn our they are, the more I cling to them, trying to strech our time together from hour to hour. I do not know another dancers' shoes with such longevity. They serve me well. I take care of them. But one day we have to part. I never just throw them away. I have a ceremony of just ' leaving them' hanging on a tree. Not any tree. As it is a symbolic act of making a wish to come back to the place where I hang them, I try to choose a convenient place. A country and city which means something to me. That' s why one beautifully worn out pair of tango shoes is hanging on a high tree near Vatican, Rome. Another one is in the Northern Polar Circle, near Kiruna, Sweden. Still another one- in Prague. But the last one did not accompany me to European Tour 2008, and is hanging on our beloved lemon tree of our house in Buenos Aires. The lemons were just begining to turn yellow. Argentinean autumn 2008, end of April.The shoes were worn to the extreem, in the most sexy, extravant way. The high heels, impecably brilliant!Our lemon tree, our faithfull companion of many departures and arrivals, was saying good bye to us with its autumn robe- showing the juicy, yellow lemon plentitude.
Now, after two months of intensive travelling and dancing, my other pair of true veteran shoes is asking for its final destination. The place of peace and rest. My red shoes. And I will take them for the last travel. Switzerland, the French Alps. The high montains which have been a georgious background for our tangos. Great time, good friends, superb wines. Inspiration. My red shoes will give us many happy returns to that place.

Our own house and lemon tree have special guardian angels now. Ludka, from Switzerland, is having a time of her life in Buenos Aires now. Tito, our argentinean friend, is taking care of a house and Ludka. They are enjoying the sight and taste of our lemons.
2 months ago I left my last pair of tango shoes on a lemon tree. We left our swiss tango student Ludka with our argentinean friend Tito living in our house. Will Ludka find the taste of tango in Buenos Aires? Will she hang her tango shoes somewhere there to come back again? Maybe on a lemon tree beside mines?Will she lear Spanish, as she wishes to communicate with Tito and all the new friends she will make?
Well, it's been also 2 months which have passed for her in Buenos Aires and she is asking us for MORE TIME in our house. Tito has also prolonged his time as a guardian angel of a house... and maybe Ludka too. The circle of life!

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