Thursday, May 22, 2008


Riga is another postcard city. And it s definitely european- the whole country has gone ( going ) through so called 'Euro- remont'. It s as far up north as Stockholm in Sweden and again, lucky with the sunny and warm weather, we are living the phenomenon of white nights..

I would never reject any LATVIAN SAUNA invitation! Is it beause of aromatic smell of herbs or the spanking with birch branches all over the body?!

Latvia is a tiny country with a long costline. It s Baltic sea. Too cold for Argentineans to even sit on the usually windy sand beaches, but the latvians have a special gen for cold and they even go nudist!

The language is LATVIAN, but everybody speak Russian too. And Finnland is a bigger brother country beside!

Of course, you can see and feel Stalin's heritage here, now and then... his ghost is shuffling down the cobble streets!

The countryside is beautiful- almost empty. The whole country is 3 mln people, one third of them living in Riga! Whey Latvians talk about their mountains, they usually laugh ( the highest 'mountain' must be about 300 m!)

And they drink beer, of course. Here is a table after a small meeting in our Riga house.

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