Friday, May 16, 2008


Welcome commitee of Brzeg arrived all dressed up to the best tango standards, Franco Zarrazo wearing his tango symbol- white suspenders and a black hat. We received the gifts of red roses, yerba mate and traditional Polish vodka ( gorzka zoladkowa).

We could not avoid a temptation to be photographed by the entrance to the tipical comunist style restaurant. We put some colourful touch to it.

As the "guest of honour" and "stars" we were put up in the castle. There is actually where I, as a princess, belong. Victor also fit into the ambience. Our apartment was located in the medieval part of the castle and we had our meals in the renaisance courtyard....How inspiring for the tango dancers!
From the balconies we could see how great the Principality of Brzeg once was... And generally the view on the courtyard made us feel like prince and a princess!
The whole town was full of us/ our posters were virtually everywhere, repeatedly. We were bored to be recognized and treated as the stars.. The prince of stardom!

The courtyard had a romantic gate into the secret gardens. We wish we had time to descover them.. THE BASIC THING: SPRING WAS SPLENDID! PLENTY OF DAFFODILES, LIKE TREES!

The preparation for the fashion show involved even my personal asistent Ewa. The town provided us with the hairdressers and make up experts.

My models were the local girls- tango dancers in the age group from 20 till 55. This elder model were the most sexy ones!
Victor was embarassed to sign or write dedications on the posters and Cds. If his argentinean friends could see that... Even though the castle food was great and adopted to ' argentinean mean times' for us, we loved to be spoiled by our students and friends... Look at the Polish delicatessen... hmmm, we will burn those calories streight away!

The day of our departure was the only rainy day. Even the skies was crying.

On a farewell party I was obliged to play guitar.. thanks God I remember a very sentimental bardic Polish song to impress the audience..

Andrzej and Ewa and the whole group of our students, followers and friends saw us off to the raiway station. Our 'big brother watching' has been following us to this very last moment with his camera..

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