Sunday, July 15, 2007


Skåne has welcomed us with the wonderful Swedish Summer. Or, maybe, we have brought the sun from the North to the south. Let us put it that way: the sun is following us, as simple as that! In some way we might deserve it.! So, our Skåne students and friends were taking advantage of the summer days: we were expected to have some rest after the intense week in Norrland, but.. it turned out it was a tango party marathon!
It started on Wednesday, just after our arrival. We could not refuse to give a performance in the BEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL MILONGA IN MALMÖ, a fresh new one, in ' Club Carlitos'. A milonga like that has never existed in Malmö, and apart from that it is run by our very talented and beautiful student and friend, Alexandra( she deserves a separate chapter in the blog with photos included!).

Here we go: Three Graces. You guess Who is Who on this photo. Merely CELEBRITIES and VIPS of tango. The three women who made that night turn round. I say it!

The milonga was full of surprises and unexpected encounters. We met our friend Helen, la Vikinga, whom we know from Buenos Aires ( organiser of a milonga Bien Pulenta). We have immediately arranged for a more intimate reunion around a Swedish barbecue ( the sun was ordered as well) the following Sunday.Here goes Victor with three favourite GRINGAS!
Alexandra's milonga was also frequented by tangueros from other towns. Helsinborg was represented by Tangorama president, Jörgen ( read about Jörgen as a protagonist of our Swedish origins in Piteå-Haparanda chapter by Aisha)
Jörgen got so fascinated by volcadas in our show that he immediately asked for a private lesson ( to be executed on Monday) He also got a tanda with me, as usual.

After milonga we walked back to our new house: just in the heart of the town, Langgardsgatan, a very elegant apartment with the phantom of Leif, in Spain that moment.

The good thing is that Leif has always wine provisions and it was nice to have a bottle of wine to finalize that lovely night. In the morning we were enjoying the views from the apartment. This does not seem to be a town at all...

On Thursday and Friday we were taken to Kristanstad ( I like to practise the pronunciation in Swedish of this name). The weather was perfectly Argentinean ( or, Swedish summer which fell on Thursday and Friday this year ) and we have enjoyed entertaining non-tango crowds from the stage in LILLA TORG. Tango was a part of Kristianstad Days.

We have done a good team work with Rolf and Inger, the promoters of tango in Trelleborg-Kristanstad. We have therefore deserved a good dinner.! But we had to wait to be taken to Beddingestrand to enjoy it, as it was a part of next point in the programme...

Rolf spruced up a real tango look: very elegant suit, a hat and a red touch ( a tie) matching a red corset and a hat of Inger. No wonder he has this feline caminata in tango....

WE transferred to a beach restaurant with a big terrace in Beddingestrand: here comes the name 2:a SANDBANK. No publicity necessary, it is just THE BEST PLACE ON THE STRAND!
Very nice owner, Marcus, who had learnt Spanish and cooking in Malaga, Spain, had welcomed us and the musicians and situated us in VIP table. We were to improvised to a wonderful duo: Tord in accordion ( musician from Tangarte tango orquestra) and a famous blues guitar player and singer-Steve Grahn! The concert was a pure pleasure for our ears..... and we did not have to be convinced for a long time to dance... Carmencita ( by Taube) to their music

Soon, the SPONTANTANGO spread outside of A&V couple. Here is Inger dancing with Victor to Cornelis Vreeswijk song. It was REALLY SOMETHING, the crowds in a restaurant were cheering and we had a range of invitation for the PARTY follow up. We chose the one nearest to the house ( we did not need to use the car) and with the Wine Keller. It turned out that it was not only Wine, but Whiskey, Cognac, Vodka etc.... But as Uwe ( Norwegian) said: ' you can even crawl to your house'.. . We are getting to know better and better the Scandinavian Weekend mentality....

On Saturday our tango party programme continued... we were transferred 150 km near Vinslöv, to the ' Casita del bosque' ( little house in the woods), where the owner, tanguero Rolf, was giving a big Tango Party ( see: tangoportalen). Wonderful atypical Swedish summer weather was still accompanying us... Dinner outside, in the garden-forest, dancing in the studio, singing outside...I am getting to know many ALLSONG!

We have stayed overnight in ' La casita del bosque',for some reason it is a TELLET, a very charming hotel, as the party had prolonged for SOME OF THE GUESTS. We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, breakfast outside with other tango students who were staying near the house in their caravan!

The way back from Vinslöv to Beddinge was a neverending postcard slide show... The beauty of Sweden in July, with golden fields, greenery and while-blue skies, with rolling hills, lakes and coastline, with a windmill now and then and the red barns and houses scattered around this landscape is just... IDYLLIC! We are aware , however, that is a deceptive because ethereal charm of this BEST SUMMER DAY IN SWEDEN, SKÅNE. We would not voluntarily choose to spend winter there...

On Sunday, after the private classes ceremony, the last weekend ritual started: TANGO BARBECUE PARTY, also denominated as our ' good bye party'. It took place in Alexandra and Martin' s Beddinge cottage, outside in the garden, as the weather kept favourable...

The golden sunset light was caressing everything around, the meat was great ( applause for the ' asador' Martin!), good wines and company! Vikinga has arrived with her grandchild( ??!!!!?), which proves that tango does not let you age the usual way.

Good fun and tango.. but only as a background music! Nobody could dance after this enormous meal, wines and cognac... And next day is another intensive working day- OUR LAST DAY IN SWEDEN, with workshops and private classes...

The word ' last' is relative, as our love for Sweden grows with a reciprocity, so WE WILL STRIKE BACK for a TANGO CAMP in ÖLAND island in SEPTEMBER!!!

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