Sunday, June 03, 2007


Well, well, well- IT WAS A SURPRISE INDEED! But SMYGEHUK was just a starting point. I was GIVEN SWEDISH STONEHENGE as a present! ALE STENAR!The biggest stone circle in Scandinavia, situated where the cliffs of Skåne meet Eastern See and you can see almost a round circle of water surrounding you: there it gloriously stands, exposed to all the winds! LITTLE IRELAND! It is close to a tourist town of YSTAD.
Very impressive the 59 stones ( each from 500 to 1 500 kg each) in a shape of a ship, against the greenest of the grass and… whitest cows we have ever seen! We had luck with the weather- a beautiful summer day with only a touch of wind- the place was CHOSEN BY INGER NOT ONLY TO BE ADMIRED AND CONTEMPLATED, BUT TO HAVE MY BIRTHDAY PICNIC! I could not imagine a better present, a better lunch party! I embraced each of the 59 stones, one by one, to the jokes of Victor asking me if I felt ancestral energies, and what each of the stones was telling me..
When I have hugged all the stones and we sat down by the cliff to contemplate the power of the nature, we turned back and… ALL THE WHITE COWS WERE AROUND THE STONES, CUDDLING,HUGGING AND SCRATCHING THEMSELVES AGAINST THE STONES- EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE DONE A WHILE AGO! COWS too, had an energy exchange with the millennium stones… AND HOW I MISSED MY CAMERA, MY DEAR TRAVEL COMPANION, TO TESTIFY WHAT I HAVE SEEN!
I am surviving my birthday and all the presents immortalising ONLY ON MY HARD DISK. May my memory last like Swedish Stonehenge then!
The latest test certified, that the site might be 5 500 years old, and like in the case of the Famous Stonehenge in England, there are various theories about their origins and function: they might have been a burial place, so isolated and on top of the hill, it might have been a sacrificial place, or a sun calendar, orientation North-South, definitely having to do with solstice.
And what kind of ritual INGER suggested we must do? FISK! Of course, FISH EATING! This time the herring is not a STRÖMING, like in the north, but SILL. The food of the poor , because of its abundance and proximity to the sea- is now a special dish. Herring, fried and flatted, is served on a piece of wholemeal bread, with white souse, onions and tomatoes on the top. IT WAS THE MOST DELICIOUS FAST FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD! Especially, sited in a little fishing port, overlooking the see, with wind increasing- a DELICACY!
When driving back we admired the landscape of gentle hill slopes bordering the seashore, all juicy green of meadows and trees in bloom and Inger showed us the place of birth of a famous UN president: DAG HAMMARSKÖLD- now preserved as a monument. Southern Skåne definitely has a charm. Quite and meditative- it might be a perfect place for retreat ( IF EVER WE RETIRE WE WANT TO SETTLE DOWN THERE, ONLY FOR SUMMER THOUGH..)
Then comes the evening… TIME FOR DINNER PARTY WITH WINES, SCHNAPS (not forgetting Schnapslieder, Sven!) and GOOD COMPANY!Martin is bringing his camera...

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