Sunday, July 26, 2009


Dear Miss Malvern

I except that you are probably melting the frostiness of the true “British” person but I believe there are many “half” bloods who secretly want to escape their “British ness” and welcome the easy escape you provide. Wales was always meant to be conquered! How about coffee lunchtime on Tuesday? (in Walthamstow?) I can come directly from work. Hugs Brother…………. Andrew

Oh, I wish I was there in London taking your classes. I'm not even mentioning the milongas afterwards. I know they are not the same as in BA (nothing is the same) but still, it would be fun dancing with you.
I try to go to milongas a lot in NY, 3-4 times a week. I went last night to Lafayette Grill milonga at 11:30 and at 1am it was over. I can't believe this NY crowd. Hmm, it's like these people don't understand the spirit of tango, right? Tonight is la National until 2am.Jak wasza podroz? Widze ze sie zadomowiliscie w Londynie. Wszystko przebiega wedlug planow?
Pozdrowienia wraz z caluskami. Un abrazo grande por Victor.

Wlasnie kupilem bilety do Polski. Bede z moich synem od 24go lipca do 2go wrzesnia. Do szybkiego spotkania wiec. Zatanczymy, nie?

Vilka fina bilder!Jag skickar mina när jag får in dem i datorn från kameran.
Kram Malin

Thanks for that.
I am in London now and sorry not to be there the same time as you. Ifsomething magical chnages, I will let you know.
How was Brecon?
I will send you some pictures when I get home.
Miss you x

Hej Aisha!!!! Det låter underbart med Norrbotten och som att ni har en fantastisk vistelse där! Här är det kallt och eländigt som det brukar vara i juni/juli i Buenos Aires! Jag förstår att svenskarna är imponerade av din svenska! Kul! Njut av midnattssolen och sommaren och dansen. Kram Eva

I am excited you will be coming back. I will definately come to see you inCambridge. I hope it works out. I have a feeling it will. Congratulationsto you - wonderful people!
Thanks for the photos. I will look at the photos when I get home as thislibrary is soooooo slow.
I am like a cat and will sleep a lot. I will let you know how the auditionsgo, its going to be a busy 2 days, but exciting.
All love and magic
J x

Czesc Skarby J))))))))))))))Wielkie dzieki za Wasza superkochana propozycje..
Ale na razie mam wizje, ze Was w koncu zobacze w Warszawie i odrobimy polroczne zaleglosci w piciu Zubrowki J))))))))) Besos muy Fuentes - Ania

Dear Aisha,
Phew!! what a busy time we're all having!! I hope you are both enjoying yourselves around on tour and locally!I hope to see you tonight in the meantime I thought I'd forward you the email my "members" have been sent about this saturday, hope you like the sound of it, ....Also, we have scheduled one private lesson with you at 4pm far..It should be a lovely evening!
I look forward to seeing you both later,
gran abrazo,ClaireX

Dear Aisha y Victor!
I think you are doing well there and hope you are having as fine weather as here! Just received our two grandchildren Lilly and Assar yesterday, the parents are unimportant!

Will work hard on the "lessons" you gave to me and Elisabeth!Kramar! Jan
(will send more pictures later on)

Tengo Skype ya!Asi que ya podemos charlar gratis cuando estais en Argentina. Y mirarnos!Oue lindooooooooo!!!!!!!!BesoteInger

He smiled.
Hope Victor likes our lovely photo sent by a student.
BTW, he forgot the t shirt and I forgot the flowers

que legal, aishinha, vc nao para em nenhum lugar mesmo hein amiga? sinceramente eu daria tudo pra poder estar viajando pelo mundo tambem, aqui tá o maior frio e eu não aguento mais, meu sangue brasileiro não dá pro frio. quem sabe em julho aconteça algum milagre.te mando miles de beijinho e saudades tbem.

Z Waszego planu podrozy wynika, ze powinniście być aktualnie w Walii. Jak podroz – nie czujecie się zmeczeni ciągłymi przenosinami?Bo pogoda to nikogo w Europie za bardzo nie rozpieszcza – tak paskudnego lata dawno nie było. Czekam na Was z kolacja, A

Cuanto tiempo sin noticias, leo en el facebook, que estáis en Londres o así, pero no contestaron mi ultimo mail,así no se si les llego, pero bueno, lo importante es que veo que siguen bailando y apasionando a las gentes por donde pasan con sus danzas, sus charlas y sobre todo con la buena onda, es lo que mas hace falta en el mundo, sigan repartiéndola, dentro de los pasos de baile inyecten amor y humor, y será la única manera de ir arreglando felicidad es el verdadero sentido de la vida, y cuando bailáis y dais la danza sois felices, si esto va unido a la intención de que todos sean felices, pues estáis ya haciendo un trabajo para la humanidad. Y porque no aprovecharlo verdad??? ya que es lo que quiere todo el mundo.Yo sigo dando mis conocimientos de la citlalmina ( se acuerdan la danza tibetano mexicana) ya hace años, solo un dia en la semana, y la verdad mi única intención es de que sirva para que haya armonía en esta tierra que nos toca vivir.El domingo que viene exponemos en el Palacio de Congreso, hice un cuadro de 5 partes, Soy tan mayor, y sin embargo veo que no se termina de aprender nunca....también es bueno...Bueno corto el royo, a ver si cuando estéis en Polonia escribís un poco mas en el blog, a ver que dice Victor de los ingleses..... cariños , la tía..........

I can't believe I'll be seeing you next week ! I'm waiting for you ! I want to show you some beaches , eat in nice places and ...... whatever is right for you. I look forward to hearing from youLove & big hugs H

hello there,
I will write i English as it is business language and in case I need to do a search by some word in the future.
It was lovely meeting you and having fun together - it was almost like a holiday in London experience.
As you realised, the house does not permit longer visits than 5 days and we were a a little anxious to resume the 'normal life' with all the boring things waiting to be done and I am sorry if that was showing a little , I was just so behind with things...

You were really lovely in every sense and my students loved you too, which means I can re-invite you as early as in 2 weeks time - subject to agreement on topics for the workshops.
I also liked your teaching style as it was very friendly and clear and educational (it is nice if my students hear the same things by someone else).
Privately you were also fun to be with and I dont remember ever meeting any woman so similar to me in everything. in the end, I even stopped being surprised by the similarities...
Enough compliments now and lets organise the workshops

Please think about any other interesting ideas and send a list by tomorrow as I must send an email to students Wednesday morning
Hope the journey to Walles was nice and look fwd to see you soon in London


Dear Aisha and Victor My name is S and I have been dancing for several years in C and B, I am very much looking forward to your class in M in July!! I wonder if you will be available to give me some private lessons while you are in C?? It would be a great opportunity for me, as we don't often have visiting teachers and usually I have to travel to B or D! .I look forward to meeting you both, I have been looking at the video on your website....magnificent! Besos Sxxxx

Hi Aisha & Victor,Re. Cardiff, my friend janette will be giving you a lift to Swansea/my house after the workshop ...... I may or maynot be there at the worhshop, depending if I have had to work on that day and I want to prepare supper for you. By the way we will be going to Janette's house for cocktails on Mon 13th before going on to the restaurant (table booked). I have checked your schedule for Sat & Sun Swansea Dance Festival - I know the times I have to get you to places. This is really exciting! On Friday evening ( at the LatinAmerice Assoc workshop/performance) I have arranged with Patrick that he brings Fanny's accordian to you on that evening (Fri).I'll talk to you about other things when you are here ..... by the way we are also going to a nice restaurant Sat evening right on the beach ! My invitation. Hope you are having a brilliant time in London ....See you in a few days !Hugs H


Ni finns också i mitt och vårt minne! Nu blir det inte 2 år till nästa gång!Och för min del, och jag tror även för Elisabets del, tyckte jag att den andra privatlektionen var väldigt bra, gav mig en del uppenbarelser! Hoppas att det märktes när jag dansade med dig på måndagkvällen. Jag märkte också att jag släpper loss mera i milongan än i tangon, det är mindre huvud i milongan, tänker ännu för mycket på stegen i tangon, kanske för att jag har för liten repertoar för att kunna improvisera obehindrat. Det ni säger om att lämna huvet hemma och dansa med hjärtat är helt rätt. Som tur är har jag möjlighet att träna vidare med Elisabeth! Härlig att dansa med!

é verdade amiga, não podia ser melhor esta parada na casa da sua mãe, no seu aniversário, todos vcs juntos. é muito mágico. te mando um beijo enorme e boa viagem pros próximos destinos. cariño beso pra su familia e L, S.

That is your swedish lesson for today!You know on Friday came a young women/girl with her parents, her father showed a belt from Argentina and I mentioned about you and Victor, her sister has been living at your place in BA, teaching you swedish and learning spanish and tango from you! Her last name might be Printzell! What a coincidence, I showed her pictures of the two of you. That young girl is working in a goldmine outside Skellefteå, and she also dances tango (5 years, good!) so we took a tango in the shop!Today I and Inger will go to visit Elisabet and Börje in their home outside Skellefteå, she is throwing a party.Well I will think about BA, got 20.000sek as a part of the price I got (for making Norrbotten known in Sweden), not bad at all! The founder of the ICE-hotel has also got that price, so I am in good company! Pictures from the Festspelkonsert given at the samt time.Yesterday I and Inger got a fancy pickup for a local outdoor theatre, one of them wanted to contgratulate me to the price in that manner, (just a tip - I would not mind being picked up by someone in BA for a milonga in BA!!! private jet?)Hope all is working well for you and those two couples I introduced to you are wealthy, Thomas and Eva Wallsten are millionaires and the other couple are not poor! Both couples have done a introductory course with us some years ago. My longterm thinking is that they will want to visit you in BA, take classes and also that Thomas shall engage you for some show in their shopping galleria in Piteå, the newest and biggest, maybe next time. I have already talked to him about it before you came this year.I cannot resist thinking about marketing and business!Kram från Jan (och säkert från Elisabet! jag vet att hon var glad för att Victor dansade med henne i måndags!)

Ha ha! :-D That is sooo funny! The tangoworld is small isn't it!? Your Jan met my parents and my sister Lena apparently. Dancing tango in the shop!...
It was a pleasure to have you staying at my place! And Thank You Aisha for making me see things in a diffrent way. I have been rather sad for some time now and that made me think in another way and made me feel better! :-)
Kram Malin

Dear Aisha and Victor, I am one of the enthusiastic tango learners that is part of T E in Cardiff Last Sunday Jeanette and Heather told me about your brilliant tango dancing and that you would be coming to Swansea next week I am writing to find out - are you doing lessons next Thursday evening at the Dylan Thomas Centre? Any chance for a private one? In hope and with best wishes F

(You see, I can a couple of words in Spanish!)I'm glad I have had the opportunity of having you as guests in my house, a part of our picknick and as travel company! Thanks to you I've met a lot of lovely people as well as giving me the opportunity of improving my vals and milonga. It's a pity I don't remember a thing!But I know the knowledge is there, it will pop up from my memory at a moment I don't expect. Hopefully sooner than later. (That's not only for my memory, that's also for our meeting again.)
I will follow your tour through Europe on the internet!
Vile gives you his common welcome bark!

oi amiga, e aí garota como anda tudo por aí? aqui tudo legal."xa comigo".o frio deu uma trégua hoje. que gosotoso. agora to na casa do marcelo me preparando e me encorajando pra ájuudá-lo a organizar o o apto porque esta semana chega o filho dele do brasil. minha irmã e meus sobrinhos não vem mais pra cá por causa da gripe porcina. que pena!! amanhã são eleições continuo com muito trabalho, mais que o normal porque estou substituindo uma professora de português que quebrou o resto tudo super tranqui caminhando na santa paz de deus. te mando besitos miles , carino , so

Escribí ya hace tiempo un comentario en el blog. no se si lo miráis, o es preferible escribirnos por aqui??, lo que quiero que sepan ,es que siempre estoy pendiente de vuestros movimientos, los disfruto, y deseo que sean siempre armónicos y felices.Anoche hicimos una obrita sobre la noche de san Juan, ,Bueno danzantes,,,,,,,,,, la mejor onda, y que la paz este siempre presente, la tía.

Que pasa? Todo bien? Pues que raro que no hay respuesta en 2 dias.......Os estais matando de trabajo o disfrutando de un lindo descanso?Tiene que ser una de las dos cosas me imagino.Besote,Inger

Que bien! Me alegro que os ha hido biensissimo por lo visto.Pues hoy ha venido el verano a Suecia para darles la Bienvenida!Dicen que ahora y ade´lante va a ser mucho calor asi que os vais a disfrutar la semana en Piteaa aunque va a ver laburo tambien, no?Bueno, me calma un poco sabiendo que vais a pisar tierra sueca, asi no me parece que estamos tan lejos.Ya me contaras como va todo.Besotes en cantidad,Inger

Hola JTo kiedy mam Was się spodziewac w Wawie?Zebym zdążyła przećwiczyć przepisy kulinarne J)))))))Besos - A

Moja kochanaJuz ledwo moge wysiedziec spokojnie , tak juz mnie ciagnie do waszego Bs As.Jeszcze 3 tygodnie i bede juz u was.Pisalam do Tito i odpisal , ze bedzie czekal na mnie. On jest tez kochany. Ze mu sie tak chce doleko jezdzic po takich turystow jak ja. Jeszcze ciagle nie wiem jak dostane sie 11 lipca do domu?Czy T ma klucz? Czy znowu mieszka na dole?Czy M-H mi otworzy brame i da klucz?Jak to bedzie? Napisz prosze. Caluje 100 krotnie i pozdrawiam Jak wasza podroz - tangowa? NApisz pare slow o nowych przygodach. L

Hóla guapos,El ultimo dia antes de volver a mis tierras! Pues, muy bienvenidos aúnque no es en Skaane y aúnque no nos encontramos.Pasalo bien y NO COMAS SURSTROMMING!Me habia gustado ser una mosca en la pared para ver la cara de Juanjo (y si esta) pero bueno, ya mecontaras como fue.De todas formas os deséo una linda semana allá arriba.Ya sé que va a ver mucho laburo pero esto no es ninguna novedad para vos, no?Recibe un abrazo fuertissimo y buen viaje.I

Hej Aisha och Victor!
Jag har varit inne på Internet och tittat på Brzeg. Staden verkar trevlig och det skulle ha varit roligt att komma dit när ni är där. Men det får bli en annan gång. På torsdag åker jag till Berlin och är där till tisdag. Då åker jag till Valencia och är där tre veckor. När jag åker hem via Berlin stannar jag där några dagar igen. Jag är tillbaka i Malmö tisdagen den 14 juli. Kanske vi kan ses i andra halvan av juli eller någon gång i augusti?
Jag önskar er en riktigt trevlig midsommar och en god fortsättning på tangoturnén!

Moja kochana.I znowu 1000 rzeczy mam ci do opowiadania...ale to musze jeszcze odlozyc na przyszly tydzien. czas, czasi jego brak Narazie posylam calusy, pozdrowienia i usciski , dla was i wszystkich 2 miesiace juz lece do was!!A wy kiedy ruszacie w nasze strony? i pomyslec ze juz rok minal jak trfilam po raz pierwszy do waszego krolestwa!! beso L.

Phew!! what a busy time we're all having!! I hope you are both enjoying yourselves around on tour and locally!
I hope to see you tonight in gloucester...
in the meantime I thought I'd forward you the email my "members" have been sent about this saturday, hope you like the sound of it,

Also, we have scheduled one private lesson with you at 4pm far..
It should be a lovely evening!
I look forward to seeing you both later,
gran abrazo,

Vile has barked for the last time...!I had to take him to the vets today, because he encountered more problems.But he got the chance this morning to bark, when we took his last walk!Have a good time i GB! SE

hola!Lo que es el prejuicio: vi la dirección de mail, leí la priemr línea y pensé: "Garufa podría haber hecho otra combinación: o bien Stockholm o Estocolmo, no ese híbrido..."Claro, cuando proseguí y leía que "miraban mis piernas" me dije: no, no es Garufa!Sumérgete en el sueco, disfruta de la Vida y se muy Feliz (by the way, muy bonitas tus fotos del Sur!)Prudish hug? They may be perceived as being uncomfortable with sexuality, nudity, alcohol, drug use or mischief. That's what you are offering to me?No way: lusty and lascivious hug! and both: we are very comfortable specially with sexuality, nudity and alcohol!O

We can imagine, your trip was quite hard and Riga balsam could help.
Places we visited together: a hill Gaizins, lake Kakitis ("a cat", it lookes like a cat from highgt), than Ergli, nearest biggest to our place and Jumurda with lake Jumurda and our "Brille", remember. Dace Viestrus

Hugs to you! You are the real woman in my perception - not too saint, not too avantgard - just a COCKTAIL...not too sweet, not too bitter - SPECIAL !!! H


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