Saturday, May 16, 2009


En caso que no sepan donde esta Tallinn... Sorry, forgot I am to speak English again.... Follow those pinguins if not sure where Tallinn is! We have just discovered! Arriving at midnight, which was kind of bright evening, as light lingers on till around 11 pm... we must be close to the Northern Polar Circle! And will get even futher north... afterwards.
Tallinn is our first, actually a second station on our long tour in Europe this year.
Brought to this Artists Hotel by the black jaguar driven by our estonian student, Ilmari ( start writing down the collection of the strange estonian names) we are confortably nice here...among international artists.
Although spring is still chilly( Estonian kind of spring) , the sun is on TODAY. And daffodils are in bloom everywhere!So, the first morning after an 11 am breakfast ( had to recover from long journey-Buenos Aires-London-Warsaw-Riga-Tallin, the last part of 17 hours by bus) chatting in English, Portugese, Russian, Polish and French with the artists around , we went out to explore the CITY. Old Town is a world heritage place by UNESCO. Victor, the arquitect, discovers the Estonian love of architecture:

.. and their practicality. Or is it a sense of humor? Yes, it s a BIKE, a multi-bike!

His another point of interest was the Polish Embassy ( as a fresh owner of a Polish passport opening his doors to EEC)

I discovered something for my ' spirituality'...

I have a good excuse: it s still chilly, inspite of the sun, and I need sth to warm me up. Wearing 3-4 layers of cloth ( OSCAR: here goes my soft shell!) and a wollen beret does not help 100%. I need 50% in form of a local vodka...

We both discovered that TANGO IS EVERYWHERE and making better money than in Argentina....

The city is a combination of old and traditional

and modern..

So we walk around the Old Town and listen to the admination for this place is all the languages ( including Spanish, Argentinean!)
An Argentinean tanguero is immediately spotted by the Estonian beauties ( on the photo-the one in red):She nearly follows him to the tango workshops....
Surprise, surprise, we had a REAL ARGENTINEAN STUDENT for our classes today! Another surprise is that about 5 of our students could speak Spanish! But enough of tango for today, tomorrow there will be another chapter!
After 5 hours of tango we refused to have our shots of vodka on the very first evening with our students ( temptation time begins! So far we learnt:
Vana Tallin- famous local licor
millimallikas-strong conctail
viruvalge-vodka, 50%)

and went back to our apartment in the hotel. Tomorrow is a long day...

The ambience is the hotel is as bohemian as its walls...But when tangueros are tired they may have halucinations.... There was mate waiting for us in the kitchen!

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