Monday, August 20, 2007

SWEDEN ONE MORE TIME,from SKÅNE -to a festival in KALMAR

First, it is alway's Skåne, the familiar airport, then a WELCOME BACK party at our enchanted house in the countryside, Beddinge, and then COMES THE REST. This time too, there is SKÅNE with a big board welcoming us, and then there is Malmo with its milonga, there are lunch and dinner invitations ( like the one by Leif, celebrating with us his new chapter in life starting by the visit in Buenos Aires), PR and then , there is a train ( one of those splendid, Swedish ones) which will carry us to KALMAR.
There is Edwin and Lene waiting for us there, with the whole tango crowd of Småland.

Kalmar is another port town in Sweden. As Victor laughs, many towns in Sweden are ports, and therefore its inhabitants are portenos, like those of Buenos Aires.

Kalmar is a beautiful city on the top of it, with its symbol-KALMAR' s CASTLE, which seems to float on the waters...

It s not only the castle which seems to float on the water, there is a new, modern arquitecture, like the house on the picture- build totally on the water! It is raised on a floating platform and... can be displaced!

Lene & Edwin explain that this phenomena, which might possibly multiply, is a result of the lack of space in the center of towns.

We think that is also an extravagance of its inhabitants...

Kalmar town is situated on the eastern part of Sweden. And along the cost lies Sweden s most beautiful and aparently warmest island: ÖLAND!

The island is connected with Kalmar by the spectacular long bridge, once, the longest in Sweden. Now it is still impressionable....

KALMAR, is of course, Lene & Edwin, a passionate couple in tango and life. It feels more like visiting friends than coming here to work, although there was more tango work than usually! They have organized a KALMAR FESTIVAL and we were its main figure... The weekend was very intense: yoga classes, workshops, milonga, shows, show at school, interviews for 2 newspapaers and 1 magazine and a lot of social life!
Kalmar was favourable even with the weather and we had enjoyed breakfasts-lunches and even ARGENTINEAN ASADO OUT!
Asado was actually Swedish, but the invitation was from Argentinean-Finnish couple of our tango students.

We are again our ' animal farm' : with Mishu, who so much reminds our beloved cat MALENA back home...
There are more and more indications of the time ticking and a FINAL COUNTING DOWN...
Autumn in Europe is just about to begin and it means the spring in Argentina- it all indicates: there is only less than a month before we return!

The garden of our enchanted house in the woods is full of Edwin s sculptures.
It s so beautiful to combine nature and art!
I am still lucky to have my yoga outside, on the terrace and enjoy the fresh air in the morning.
More and more often we are wandering, what is our Malena doing, is she still AROUND???!! She is an old cat, but hopefully her tango name and tango ways will make her healthy and strong and living a long caty life.. Or several lives!
Our Polish students, on their visit to Buenos Aires, have taken this photo and sent it to us.
Malena, lemon tree and a cosy spring in Florida quarter, friends and food with so much flavour is what we are starting to miss...

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