Friday, October 05, 2007


The rainy day which saw our arrival in Buenos Aires, was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY OF THIS YEAR! The air was so humid, the green was so juicy and all was smelling home!

Victor had to ´break into ´our own house, as the keys were left in the premisses... It was not the first time he had to climb up the gates. Tango dancers are trained to do any sort of physical challanges...

The first inspection concerned the lemon tree- our true companion and the witness of so many jolly gathering around asado or tango.. We were not deceived: the tree had plenty of yellow lemons, green lemons and.. blossoms at the same time!

As we were admiring the plants around, the only ramaining inhabitant of the house showed up: MALENA has survived our long absence one more time! And she was not playing offended this time! Still in her long winter coat, made us realize that.. THE SPRING HAS NOT ARRIVED YET!

And what else were we missing while away from home?

Of course our rituals of asado ( with the best argentinean meat in the world), warm nights out, sipping the BEST WINES while Victor was playing a maestro de asado.. The lemons are not entirely ready yet, but the times of our arrival home is the TIME OF LIMONCELLO PRODUCTION!

Anyway, as long as the lemon tree is there and the yellow lemons are shining even in the night ( Victor´s trick) there are tango and non-tango reunions, asados, dinner parties and other kind of orgies...

Those magic spring-summer Buenos Aires nights inspire a good havana cigar in a good company of friends. I will not miss the opportunities this time either. Somebody in Buenos Aires will have one cigar for me!

When the warm summer rains flood Buenos Aires, it is a wanderful opportunity to have a good ol´fondu with tango friends, inside the studio...

The time back is also the time to play guardian angels in Buenos Aires and accompany our european students-visitors in exploring of the jungle of Buenos Aires. We acccompany them not only to milongas, but weird places, like Casino..

There is a world away from civilisation and close to Buenos Aires- The DELTA OF PARANA! There we can always escape from metropolitan life. And sometimes we take our students and friends on our boat with us! Everything is possible in a spring and summer in the southern hemisphere!

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