Friday, August 12, 2011


This year I have become a sunset huntress. This is one of the aspects of Ibiza I love and explore.

" One day, the Little Prince said to the aviator as they sat down on a hill, I have seen the sunset fourty-four times. Indeed, he had always loved watching the sunset. Whenever he would feel down, he would take his time to sit and watch the sun slowly allow the darkness to consume the sky. Unfortunately, one would get to see sunset every once in a while. But for his case in Asteroid B-612, he would only take a few steps back and watch the twilight falling whenever he likes."

I filmed some of the sunset- the crowded ones, commercial ones," in" sunsets and private intimate, only for me.

Cafe del Mar, two of us in a crowd celebrating the sunset ( films below)
Sunset in cala Benirras, Ibiza
where on Sundays the sunset are accompanied by the festive drumming and dancing ( film below)

Cafe del Mar, San Antonio, IBIZA

SUNSET, of course, but too bloody touristis, too fucking famous, too fucking international, too fucking crowdy, but still beautiful!

... but the best sunsets are private sunsets. My best one this year was in Alejandro s house... well, " house" is a euphamism for his castle " Can Draco"

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