Thursday, August 21, 2008



After a 2 week separation ( missions apart) Aisha will fly to Ibiza to join Victor. The tango couple will celebrate their anniversary of being/dancing/traveling together for the last... years.
The island has a special significance for both of them, since it's AN ISLAND THEY MET! Aisha is a former inhabitant of Ibiza, a resident and the true story has it that Victor conquered her heart with his chamuyo argentino and kidnapped her to tango mekka, Buenos Aires, which, on its part, has stolen Aisha's heart. Buenos Aires, tango and Victor, that is, all of them!
To give a tango touch to their anniversary fiesta, on the coming Sunday, Aug the 24th, Aisha & Victor will dance for their circle of students and friends. A following touch, for the masses, will be their performance in Namaste, on the 27th of August.


-show in Namaste, meeting all the friends and aquentencies from my ´previous life´

-see those pretty little lizards ( lagartijas) and buy some iron mongered ones for the house

-have plenty of chupitos, and take away hierbas ibizencas

-cafe caleta

-horchata, cafe granulado en los Valencianos, Puerto de Ibiza

-have octopus, pulpo: a la gallega, frito, whatever form

-fill myself with figues, HIGOS from Ibiza, best, from Analisa´s garden

-see the sunsent with drums in Benirras, on Sunday and take some sunset pictures

-check my actual marital status

-get mediterranean brown and WITHOUT WHITE STRIPES

-eat Ana's paella valenciana or arroz a la marinera

-get some pictures of my favourite Ibiza personalities /friends for the future chapter of the blog on above topic

-put on 2-3 kg on ( weight),1.462484&spn=0.469716,0.847321&z=10

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