Sunday, July 13, 2008

Holidays in Podlasie -NOW

Welcome at our Podlasie Secret Garden - Summer Pleasure Resort!

We have acres of green at our disposal! Romantic pond with the bridge in its heart.

Water lilies to meditate. Perfect surrounding for yoga sessions . Lotus is not so distant from them!

Red and golden fishes to make us feel like in a Japanese garden.

Bee hive activity materialized into a spectacular frame with hexagonal honey containers! The delight for our eyes and palates!
The King of bees is intrepid Jan!Our romantic cherry tree garden is now full of delicious cherries!

My favourite way to eat them is the shortest- from the tree to the mouth!

Our shiny red sweet cheries have other lovers too! But our guardian angel protects us from their voracity! He only looks so severe. This weapon does not kill.
But the Queen of cherries is me! The day I climbed the tree to pick the cherries up, I was officially crowned!
Our supermarket is just a stone' s throw from the kitchen. It is :" get as much as you want to eat and choose your favourite veggie". Victor' s military green melts with the onions, celeries, carrots, cucambers, tomatoes, pumpkins and strawberries...

Our summer dinner table is, obviously, in a garden. Under a wallnut tree and a mosquitiera.

Sunbathing allowed only before noon.

This reunions is possible only once a year. Here am I with my 4 most favourite men in the world! Number 5 one is lying on the grass above!He is delighted with the lecture in green. This summer' s top is Lem' s book " The diary of the stars" . In Spanish....

I am his faithfull companion, kind of lady-bird. Horizontal position, obviously!

Any wishes and services fulfilled. A hair dresser? No problem! The best and the cheapest one in the country! Surrounding-under the red roses...

We have not forgotten our tango, though... It's every day's must!

For the short-sighted. Viva el tango y nuestro querido Buenos Aires!

There is, obviously, a world besides this paradise. The lake district is our favourite area to explore the summer! We descovered that our Che is everywhere! Even by the lake Białe, watching us swim!

How not to love the sweet laziness of the summer in Podlasie!

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Lorena said...

Hola! Nos alegra ver que estan disfrutando del verano y ese lugar es muy lindo! Muy lindas fotos..
A ver si se animan y se hacen una escapadita a Nybro, a comer asadito y tal vez descansar un poco,.. van a estar por Suecia?
Nos gustaria mucho si vienen de visita, ya saben que son siempre bienvenidos aca!
Saludos de Sami y Lorena