Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The family Babicz is DEFINITELY UNIQUE! Although me and my three brothers live as far apart as it is only possible- the oceans and languages between us, we stay as united as ever! The reason might be, that we are very different too. Let me present us briefly:

Aisha ( Agnieszka)( the one in orange) is a linguist and a tango dancers and lives in Buenos Aires( the latest chapter). Thanks to her annual tango tournees in Europe the family bonds can be refreshed with more frequency.

Andrzej -( Andrzejek, Andy)-black T shirt grey stripes. Age:32. Another adventure and artistic spirit in the family. He is an intrepid bicycle rider: he had conquered Tibet, Iceland, India and South America among others on his bike. He, like myself, attended the music school, but continues developing his singing and piano playing talents- won a TV competition for young talents and has his record released. Residence: London. Formal occupation: informatition and programmist. Side source of income: american stock exchange. Kids and women: NONE.

Leszek (Lesiu, Lesiaczku, Leszko,Lesiatko) in green.Super duper yuppie and successful young business man. Crazy and active, including hiper active. Creative.GPS, CNT, Lexus and similar.Founder and owner of Rival Group- 10 years ago!!!. See Age: ONLY 30. Business headquarters: Warsaw, business and life range: whole Europe with outings on other continents. Recent source of pride: organising an expedition to Mongolia for Polish TV( www. ) Residence:hard to define, ever changing. Girlfriend:one- yoga instructor Ewa. Best sport and relax: yoga. Best travel destination: Argentina, visiting his favourite sister.

Tomasz, Tomek, Tomus, Tomeczek ( the one with glasses and white T shirt)-
the unique reasonable, steady, settled down one. Christ's age. The only one of us with a wife and family. One daughter: Karolinka. Profession and hobby: everything with motors, screws, pomps, antennae to be fixed or modified. Own business, own big house, land and forest.
Non drinking. Non smoking. Enthusiastic workoholic. Gentle and kind. Early morning bird. JUST PERFECT IMAGE OF HIS FATHER. The whole inmobiliaria Babicz is passed on him. Family nest guardian. Annual family reunion are held on his territory.

Karolinka ( Karolcia, Karoli, Kara)-the one on the tree. The only offspring of the family. Daughter of Tomasz & Malgorzata. Blond BUT intelligent. Loves climbing up the trees and acrobatics on the branches or the rods. Aspirations: to become an ballet dancer, an acrobat or Aisha. Most important figures to look up to: aunt Aisha.

Jan & Teresa Maria
- the heads of the clan. Alpha and Omega of all the actions. Biggest merit: met on a dancing evening, first kiss while dancing tango! Second biggest merit: bearing and rearing 4 children with splendid results, according to the anty-communist rule that my pedagogicaly minded mum found out:

- perfect number of children: more than 3

- perfect ages: never more than 1 , 2 years of a difference between them

- perfect location: countryside, big house with a yard, nature and animals

-perfect education: languages, music and sport

-perfect nutrition: organic food, based on self sufficiency system. NO HEAVY GREASY POLISH TRADITIONAL FOOD or mixing of carbo- and proteins.
- perfect time for the SECOND YOUTH: kicking the children out when they are 18

On the fresh photographs: just celebrating their 35 years of marriage. Still in love, happy and kissy. Their second youth continues succesfully, far from the autumn of life.

On the photo from the left standing: Jan, Andrzej, Leszek, Malgorzata, Tomasz, Teresa Maria.
From the left, sitting: Karolinka, Stanislaw ( passed away 5 years ago), Aisha ( Agnieszka)

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